You’re just a number – they don’t give a shit!

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I know I’m just a number, with a long line of other people (read: numbers) following on behind, this I can handle, but just for once I’d like to be more than just a number.

Your rights are protected and regulated to the hilt if a family member dies in the NHS, but if you want full access to the patient’s medical records, you become just a number to them, they ignore your requests, block you at every opportunity, they couldn’t give a monkeys.

While you pay your insurance premiums for your car, you are “a valued customer”
Have the misfortune to have a bump in your car, the insurance people don’t give a toss, they don’t communicate with you and always push you into doing what protects their profits, trapping you into higher costs down the line via less no claims discount, scrapping your car, etc. no matter how much you are left out of pocket. You are just a number to them.

When you are giving your all, working for free outside of work hours and struggling to meet deadlines, new working practices, new working hours with less staff and virtually stagnant wages, you are just a number, there’s ten others behind you willing to step in and take your position. They are not remotely bothered.

All the helpful banks that misappropriate your funds and manipulate your account charges to hit profit targets and achieve bonus’ so they can have three foreign holidays a year and spend vast amounts of YOUR money, to pay for it all, shows that you are just a number to them.

Every firm applies “admin fees” “late fees” or “charges” for doing basic things, many for just changing something on your account,  or their “systems are automated” and you are charged as if they have a crack specialist team working ten hours on your case alone, all completely unenforceable under common law, but try to stop them and the odds are stacked against you, it is YOU that has to jump through hoops to have any chance of avoiding paying them.
They treat you as though you are a leper, your credit rating takes a hit, so YOU are trapped further down the line, by refusing a new credit card or loan, your information is used against you to charge higher rates of interest, etc.
But should their service fail in some way, try and get recompense… not a chance!

…and so the list goes on.

At what point in time do you ever have the experience that you are not just a number and somebody has the power to help you and actually gives enough of a turd to do something about the hardship you (and millions of others) are suffering on a daily basis?

Never for me, it’s always about them first and you last.
I’m sick of it because life never used to be like this, life used to be fun.

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