WordPress gallery: View full size image

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Make a new page, give it a title, save it to draft

Edit your new page, click on “add media”

“Create gallery” (left hand menu)

Click on your pictures to include

“update gallery” (bottom right)

Pictures should then appear in your normal page post screen.

Click on the pictures to highlight the gallery, then click on the edit button part of the gallery that comes up (shaped like a pencil) this will take you to the edit gallery screen.

On your right hand side, you should see the “gallery settings” menu

click on the “link to” drop down menu

Instead of attachment page, change it to “media file”

Now when you view your website, go to gallery (you have to put it in your menu remember) then click on an image in your gallery and it should take you to the full size image in a clean browser window.

I haven’t sussed out how to include text when the image is being viewed in full mode, I’ll update when I get my swede around it.

I’ve used this because most wordpress gallery plug ins are very limited until you buy the “pro” version and most pages where this information is, has adverts promoting subscription gallery plug ins and includes a load of tosh (read: waffle) that you have to get your swede around.
Hope this helps.

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