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The causes of stress can take on many forms.

A perceived run of bad luck, illness, a death to someone close, a job you do, the list is endless.
Stress can lead to depression, worry and cause more illness.
Rarely do I hear of any official body or “expert” finding stress is caused by a lack of understanding or a misconception.

When a person reaches a certain time of life, they are from a different generation. This differing of approach by different generations often leads to a lack of understanding.
I’m in my late 40s now and I find I just don’t understand the world around me.

I don’t understand how things have an effect on other things. This doesn’t put me at a disadvantage for the best part, but it does change people’s perceptions of me, which in turn can drastically affect my personal state.
Let me try to explain.

I look at things in proverbial black and white, but always try to keep an open mind. I learn new things every day.
I don’t want any hassle/stress call it what you will, for myself, for my family/friends. In fact, for anyone.
Harsh realities of life throw them at us all, every single day.
For the most part, we manage to keep them at bay or deal with them.
But more often these days, I have tried to stop throwing big reactions, refusing sometimes to let the stresses and strains get the better of me.

Some stress, feels like a big, black cloud, I can see it coming, but no matter how fast I try to manoeuvre out of the way, escaping the cloud, is damned near impossible.
I worry about all kinds of things, people, scenarios, things that may or may not happen, etc.
I may not show it, but it’s always there.

I often show little emotion these days, I find it counter productive, in that some people use it against me, to benefit themselves.
Others ignore it altogether.
It doesn’t mean I don’t care about a person, a scenario, an event, etc.
Mostly, it shows I do not understand.
A defence mechanism it maybe?
Maybe I don’t want yet more stress? I wonder if I want to understand better, but I’m afraid of the extra burdens it places on me and on others?

I wonder often why people don’t see the things that I see?

I’m rubbish at explaining myself, as is evident¬†from this post.
I remember an easier life, an easier time, where the worries and stress could easily be passed over or onwards.
I don’t understand why¬†life has changed, surely this easier way of dealing with things, would be better for everyone?

Some people avoid even considering it as an option, maybe it’s because they have never experienced the original easier life in the first place?
Perhaps that’s why I don’t understand?

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