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I’ve just read an eight page article in a web design magazine, about “how to unleash the power of web components”
It sums up just what is wrong with the techie world today.

It’s written by a “software engineer” whom opens the magazine feature with a page about the background of web components and how web designers have been trying to build websites without them in the past.
The article moves on to show big website examples where they are used regularly, then explains the four web component programs available to be able to use web components.
How we activate these programs is not explained.
Do we need to send the browser to download the language so the browser code can be understood?
Does the browser already understand the code?

A few snippets of code later, then “essential resources to read” (read: a bit more promotion/advertising), then on to the closing pages and compatibility with the main web browsers.

Here, for the non geeks, is how we did it back in 1981!

10 print”hello”
20 gosub5000
5000 print”hello again”
5010 return

There you have it, essentially what we used to do, 36 years ago, to use a subroutine (gosub command in commodore basic) inside a main program.
Everytime I want to print “hello again” I can instead type the command gosub 5000 (goto subroutine at line 5000) the return command sends the computer back to where it was in the program when the gosub command was issued.

Print “hello again” can be changed to show a video, a picture, play a sound, or get an input from the user, etc.
It is not rocket science, it is a basic programmable command.

In today’s world, we are constantly having heaped upon us, by so called “experts” complete and utter pap, reinventing the wheel to appear knowledgeable.
Perhaps they would realise this if they were taught lessons from the past?

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