Putting ear rings in for a 7 year old?

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Sounding like a scene from the shining, putting ear rings back in for a 7 year old has to be one of the harshest things known to man!

As I write, mum is sneaking upstairs to push the final ear ring all the way in, while the sprog sleeps, it’s an end product of about 2 hours work.
It started in early summer, when the hints for having her ears pierced came thick and fast.
While on holiday and strolling through lovely Canterbury, we came across a salon/studio (read: a shop) where tattoos and ear piercing were done.
I don’t know if it was the hot sunny day that caused my lack of thinking ahead, but I let a stranger pierce the sprog’s taxi doors.
Much to her delight, the mission was accomplished in quick time, with little anguish or pain, job done!

I even later picked up some pacman ghost ear rings for when her ears had healed properly after the 8 week long wait.
After 6 weeks the sprog could take one out on her own.
After 7 weeks, the sprog could remove both of them (for PE at school). Unbeknown to me, the little feckers heal up in a matter of hours, to the point where putting ear rings back into the same holes is nigh on impossible.

Of course, we got the tantrums, the screams/howls of imaginary pain and the sheer panic, when we tried to put them back in.

It doesn’t help when her mum proceeds to wave the offending ear rings in her face, just prior to putting them in, increasing the “shatting hersen” factor by about 40, regardless of the amounts of ice being used.
My first mistake, was informing her mother of this fact.
My second mistake was sticking my gormless swede right next to her vocal outlet (read: gob) while attempting to persuade the sprog that it wouldn’t hurt.
A complete waste of time and effort. This approach failed 3 times over 2 hours.

The better half has just informed me that the mission is now complete, the final push saw the last one go in, while she was sleeping.
My top tip would be – leave the feckers in until your sprog is at least 26 years old.
Don’t have nightmares…

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