Hey up! Ow do! Alreet!

As you will have gathered already, most of the time I just want to be left alone.
I don’t want pots of brass, I want to close the door and not have to deal with the world outside and all it’s agro.

I grew up during much simpler, easier times, the 1970s.

If this was just because I was at school, or because everyone was equal, by having nowt, I don’t know.
The older I get, the further away the 70s become and the hassles and shite of everyday life, get bigger and more intrusive.
Big data decides how I should vote, when and how I pay bills, etc.
I use cash where ever possible.

I don’t do banks, supermarkets, energy companies, insurance, in fact, any corporate businesses, when ever I can.
They create most of the problems many people face, then proceed to sell us something that will attempt to solve it.
I come from a time when people had more about them, were wise to big business tricks and fought hard for safeguards that protected others.
People had empathy, people had fun together, most peeps were in the same boat.
People laughed at each other, as well as themselves.

I don’t like companies sharing and using MY information against me and my family for profit.
I loathe rip offs with a passion.
Be nice to people, keep an open mind, be nice to animals, we all have a right to go about our daily lives with as little hassle as possible.
I don’t expect you to understand or agree with me all the time, but occasionally, we just might agree on something… thanks for stopping by :O)