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The causes of stress can take on many forms. A perceived run of bad luck, illness, a death to someone close, a job you do, the list is endless. Stress can lead to depression, worry and cause more illness. Rarely do I hear of any official body or “expert” finding stress is caused by a […]

The great Jean Alexander

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I grew up watching the great Jean Alexander, starring in her role playing Hilda Ogden, alongside Bernard Youens (Stan Ogden) and the late great Geoffrey Hughes as Eddie Yates in Coronation Street. A staple of TV during those times, a name and face known to almost all. I see a lot of Stan and Hilda, […]


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I’ll openly admit, in recent times, I’m lost. I simply do not understand how people can judge other people, I don’t know how others can go through life without any feeling that what they say/do, affects others around them. They seem to have an inbuilt ignorance valve that kicks in whenever they do something that […]

WordPress gallery: View full size image

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Make a new page, give it a title, save it to draft Edit your new page, click on “add media” “Create gallery” (left hand menu) Click on your pictures to include “update gallery” (bottom right) Pictures should then appear in your normal page post screen. Click on the pictures to highlight the gallery, then click […]

Marketing is lying with permission

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Marketing, is lying with permission. Marketing is by design, a way to sell you something you don’t need. It’s sole aim is increase benefit for the person/business using it. When you are faced with/tempted by marketing, ask yourself what is the benefit the marketing is trying to achieve? EXAMPLE: A “farmers’ market” springs up, once a month, […]